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At Chasing Scents:

The perfumes are inspired by a personal interpretation of conversations and bonding over tea with loved ones. Modern in composition, yet rich in cultural roots; all formulas are developed in-house and made in small batches using a variety of self-distilled teas, the finest natural extracts, aroma compounds and resins.

Our Founders:

Sandy grew up in Sydney, Australia; where she grew curious about her mother's miniature perfume collection from Hong Kong. Today, she is a scientist with a PhD in Chemistry and research focus on nanomedicine. It was during her candidature she experimented with scents out of hours and discovered the scientific mystery of perfumes with her partner. As avid tea and coffee drinkers, our founders thought what better way to enjoy their scents than perfume?

Our Niche:

In reality, most mainstream tea perfumes have a very different representation of what tea aroma is. Real tea extracts made in-house are used to enhance the tea aroma of Chasing Scents perfumes. Tinctures and soxhlet extraction of dried whole flower buds and loose tea leaves are performed over multiple cycles under strict conditions to obtain an aromatic concentrate.