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Introduced our new look for perfume samples with envelopes and soy-based ink stickers to replace our previous cloth bags. More information on fragrance notes, ingredients and safety of use are now included. The new packaging is also a step towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.


An early draft of the Rain Tea artwork and the finalised hardcover box. It features the Wattle; a native flower of Australia evoking the scent of bushwalks and sweet memories of an Aussie childhood. Another key flower in the Rain Tea bouquet is Chrysanthemum; a staple tea in Asia loved by many for its honeyed floral taste. These comforting notes feel as if there is a hot pot of white tea brewing nearby to cosy up on a rainy day.
Chrysanthemum tea extract is distilled through a soxhlet extraction process to yield an aromatic concentrate and add a special touch of real tea to Rain Tea. This tea ingredient imparts a natural olive-green colour to the perfume.


Join us for Tea Service? This perfume is a photorealistic jasmine tea seen served at yum cha and boba tea stores. Rich in tea aroma, jasmine petals and fruits.
Tea-grade osmanthus is an ingredient used for perfumery. 
The osmanthus is loaded into a soxhlet extraction apparatus. The set-up is equipped with a siphoning mechanism to recycle the perfumer's alcohol through several rounds of the material. This extraction process can take hours to a day to yield a small batch of concentrated tea extract and capture the authentic brewed tea aroma. 
Fan photo/art inspiration of Tea Service (@floraison.perfumery and 咚咚锵)


Dragon's blood resin is used in Slow World to bring a warmth of spicy amber-like sweetness reminiscent of Chinese redwood. It is not any ordinary rock, but a naturally red resin derived from trees. It is partly responsible for the distinct smell of smokey incense burning in Chinese temples and the smell of antiseptics my dad used on wounds that stained everything red. The aroma of the dragon's blood is healing and transports one to a sacred spiritual space when lit.
A real photo of my time in Fujian captured the moment of inspiration for Slow World. We gathered around this tea table in the morning to warm up with a tea ceremony ritual called "gongfu cha". The pu'er black tea would be brewing next to vanilla sweets and incense burning nearby. Deep, rich and addictive.
Pu'er tea cake is extracted and used in this perfume blend.



Enjoy Weeping Rose on a bright sunny day with sweet cafe desserts and a cup of fragrant rose tea. The inspiration for Weeping Rose was to comfort a friend who loved everything to do with roses.
Fan photo/art inspiration of Weeping Rose (@floraison.perfumery and  一朵远路云)
Artwork is displayed on the backside of all full perfume bottles.
Our artwork is displayed on the backside of all our 30ml perfume bottles. (EAP)